We would like to keep you up to date about what is happening in the study, and so each month we will provide you with a round up of what’s been happening in the world of           E-SEE.

March 2020

Update following UK lockdown due to Covid-19:

We would like to send our very best wishes to all our E-SEE families, group leaders and other members of the E-SEE community during these difficult and challenging times. You are very much on our mind and we hope that you are all safe and well.

There are a lot of tips and advice for families being shared across social media at the moment, so we wanted to highlight a few that we think might be helpful:

Evidence-based parenting tips for this stressful period on the WHO website and a new dedicated website for parenting in the covid-19 era which will have these tips in over 30 languages in the next few days.

Other useful resources are: 

Advice for those supporting children and young people around COVID-19 (PDF for download)

Top tips for supporting children and young people around COVID-19 (all based on the current evidence base)

Reading List of various resources focused on supporting children and young people with their mental health from other reliable sources and grouped by age and need

Finally for Incredible Years group leaders out there, here is the latest advice from Professor Carolyn Webster Stratton about how best to support parents using Incredible Years principles and materials:

If you have any questions about the E-SEE study please note that we are all now working from home, so please direct your queries to the E-SEE email address:

February 2020

February has brought an end to the final time we will be visiting parents. We have had an outstanding retention rate throughout the study and would like to say a huge Thank You to our data collectors for their hard work and all participants for their time.

We also say goodbye to Rachel who has left the team to start a new role within the University, although she will be sadly missed, we wish her lots of luck!

January 2020


Final parent visits have started in Cohort 2 of Blackburn. This marks the final time point for visiting parents. We have come such a long way 🙂

Congratulations to our own Siobhan Mitchell (Research Associate on E-SEE) on her Wedding. She had an absolutely wonderful wedding – except for the rain!

December 2019

The research team have started the final parent visits in North Yorkshire and Suffolk. A busy few months ahead!

September 2019

The research team have been busy and have successfully completed the final parent visits in Portsmouth and Cohort 1 of Blackburn. We thank all the parents who dedicated their time to the study.

June 2019

We have now extended the trial timeline until the end of June 2020. Parents will receive a letter with the findings after that date.

March 2019

The research team are working very hard and visiting lots of families in Suffolk and North Yorkshire! We would also like to welcome our new North Yorkshire data collectors – Beth, Liz, and Sarah! Happy to have you on board 🙂

February 2019

Incredible Years Toddler groups are currently underway with Blackburn with Darwen, and Portsmouth, with a number of parents attending the sessions. Feedback from parents has been positive – well done to all those involved!

The ‘Fitting Fathers and Co-parents in’ (FFCpin) project is a sub-study for the existing trial, led by York University. The FFCpin will learn about how fathers and/ or other family members can be supported in their parenting roles when they have a new baby or toddler. Those joining will be involved in a telephone interview. To find out more or be involved contact the lovely Karen Whittaker on or 01772 893786

Wessex CRN have shortlisted Portsmouth for an award in “Excellence in Patient and Public involvement”. Congratulations!

January 2019

Happy New Year Everyone! This year we have some new fresh faces. A warm welcome to Rachel Carr who is our new trial coordinator, working closely with Camila to schedule parent appointments and researcher visits.

September 2018

A warm welcome to Camila Maturana who is our first point of contact with parents. We would like to offer Congratulations to Nicole for her new role as a senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett University.

July 2018

We are accepting applications in North Yorkshire and Suffolk until the 10th August. Parents of babies born on or after 11th May are eligible to take part!

We are also now accepting applications from parents of babies living in Blackburn with Darwen. To find out more about how you can take part please visit our Information for Parents page.

June 2018

Recruitment is officially underway across North Yorkshire and Suffolk! With 7 more weeks of recruitment left we are still accepting completed application forms from parents of babies born on or after 23rd April 2018. To find out more about how you can take part please visit our Information for Parents page.

May 2018

We are now accepting completed application forms from parents of babies born on or after 1st April 2018 living in North Yorkshire and Suffolk. To find out more about how you can take part please visit our Information for Parents page.

April 2018

The research team are now working very hard to set up our new sites ready for recruitment to begin in May! Nicole has been traveling around the country training up our new teams of data collectors, whilst Tracey, Karen, Kirsty and Sarah have been briefing our Health Visitors and Childrens’ Centre staff in preparation for the application window to open.

In other news, Kelly from our Service Design team in Exeter has left for pastures new. We welcome Kath to the Exeter team and thank Kelly for all of her hard work.

The University of York will also be host to the latest event from the UK Implementation Society on the 2nd May. The event is entitled Implementation Journeys from the North: blending improvement methodologies to improve services for families. The programme for the event can be accessed here.

March 2018

Our data collection teams have now finished the second of the four research visits with all of our participating families in Blackburn with Darwen and Portsmouth.  We will start recontacting these families again to arrange the third research visit in the Summer.

The research office have been busy planning the start of recruitment  in North Yorkshire and Suffolk that will take place in the Spring. A number of briefings with Health Visitors and Children Centres’ have begun across our new sites and the team is very excited to get started.

The team have also been busy spreading the word about the E-SEE study by attending and talking at a number of events over the last month:

On the 7th and 8th February Tracey spoke about E-SEE at the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention 2018 Conferences in Bangor and Cardiff. The theme for this year was Evidence-based Service Provision for Families and Schools which brought together a range of professionals including politicians, health professionals and researchers.

The E-SEE team at the 0-19 Research Network Day (from left to right): Karen Whitaker, Sarah Blower, Louise Tracey. Nicole Gridley & Tracey Bywater

On the 19th February the University of York was host to the 0-19 Yorkshire and Humber Research Network day. The purpose of the event was to increase research engagement and research capacity of health visitors and school nurses and others working in 0-19 services across Yorkshire and the Humber. The E-SEE team each presented on their role within the study and explained why E-SEE is such an important study given the current economic climate.

February 2018

On Monday 19th February, Karen Whittaker will be hosting a research networking event for health visitors who are interested in research.  The invitation only event will be held at the University of York. Members of the E-SEE research team will be attending and talking about their various roles within the E-SEE research machine. It should be a fantastic day.

The second data collection visits are now in full flow in Blackburn with Darwen and Portsmouth with all of our babies nearing four months old. We aim to re-contact all of our families by the end of February, so if you have not heard from us by then please get in touch.

Last month saw our group leaders being trained in the delivery of the Incredible Years Infant programme. Our parents will be invited to attend the groups before they start at the end of next month.

Sue Evans engages with the group leaders in Blackburn with Darwen

January 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

Over the Christmas period the research team have been incredibly busy arranging visits with families living in Blackburn with Darwen and Portsmouth. The deadline for sending us completed applications has now passed but recruitment in these areas will continue up until the 19th January.

We are also now starting to recontact those families who are already taking part to arrange their second research visit. We are looking forward to seeing how much your babies have grown!

Staff announcements – November 2017

We are extremely pleased to tell you that data collector in Blackburn with Darwen, Sadia has given birth to a lovely little boy. Our biggest congratulations and warmest wishes are sent to Sadia and the rest of the family at this exciting time.

On another note, our Project Support Officer, Zoe will no longer be working on the E-SEE project past November as she is moving on to work on the Better Start Bradford project. Zoe’s last day on E-SEE will be 30th November.

Autumn Round-up 2017

We have been super busy these last couple of months, so busy we haven’t shared any monthly news with you recently. We hope this autumn round-up will give you a snap shot summary of what’s been going on in the E-SEE world.

Devon saw the end of the pilot with data collection coming to an end during September, thank you for everyone’s hard work! Although this is not the end……whilst the pilot ends, the main trial begins and we have now begun identifying participants in both Blackburn with Darwen and Portsmouth – two of our four main trial sites. Not only this but we have also recruited new data collectors and PAC members in these sites. Please visit our meet the team page for more information on who’s who.

In the next month or two we will also be able to share details with you of a film we recently made with some of the E-SEE participants to share their views on taking part in research, as well as photos from our upcoming dissemination event in Devon on Monday 20th November 2017 to celebrate the end of the pilot! Exciting times ahead!

August 2017

We run a successful dissemination event in Blackburn with Darwen this month which included attendance from participants, practitioners and service providers involved in the E-SEE study, to hear insights in to what it was like to take part in the research. Thank you to everyone who attended!

June 2017

We are pleased to let you know that we welcomed Maisie Thurman to our team this week. Maisie is a current student at University of York and is completing an internship with us for the next 12 weeks in order to gain some valuable work experience, and more importantly to give us another pair of hands at this busy time. A big, warm welcome to Maisie!

In other news, some of the E-SEE team will be attending the Family Toddle and Big Feed event in Blackburn with Darwen on Saturday 24th June, to help raise awareness of the E-SEE study. Please look out for us and come and say hi if you are also attending. We look forward to seeing you there!

May 2017

You may or may not be aware that the pilot phase of the E-SEE study is coming to an end and we are sad to say that unfortunately Devon will not be going forward to the main trial. The pilot has generated a lot of learning for us all and the results will inform services for parents and children in your area.

On a different note, a big CONGRATULATIONS to our Data Collector Sadia, who has recently announced that she is expecting a new arrival later this year. Fantastic news!

April 2017

Our final home visits will start in Blackburn with Darwen week beginning 8th May, with all visits to be wrapped up by the end of June. Our research team will be in touch with you shortly to arrange a suitable time to come and see you.

We are also organising dissemination events in both Blackburn with Darwen and Devon to celebrate the end of the pilot phase. You will receive your invitations in the not too distant future.

March 2017

We are pleased to announce that Blackburn with Darwen and Lancashire Care Foundation Trust have confirmed they will remain part of the main trial. We are very much looking forward to continuing our work with them!

February 2017

We have now finished data collection for Time 3 (of 4) in both sites i.e. Devon and Blackburn. Our data collectors have done an amazing job with our parents and babies (who are now aged 11 months old) and our retention rates have exceeded those predicted at this stage in the trial. Well done to all the data collectors!

January 2017

A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, we hope you enjoyed a restful break over the festive season and are looking forward to working with you again in 2017. Work is now well underway again so watch this space for further updates over the coming months.

December 2016

Please note the E-SEE office opening hours over the festive season are as follows:

Thursday 22nd December – 9am till 1pm.

Friday 23rd December – Monday 2nd January 2017 – CLOSED.

Tuesday 3rd January – normal office hours resume.

Everyone at the E-SEE team would like to wish you all a very happy festive season and lots of luck for the new year!


November 2016

Follow up visits in Devon have now started with new our new data collectors out in the field meeting parents and collecting data. If you have not heard from us regarding your follow up visit we will be in touch shortly.

We also have six new parents interested in becoming a member of our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). If you are not currently involved in the study but would like to offer your support and feedback on research with parents, please click here for information on how to join.

October 2016

Training is moving along very well and practitioners in Blackburn with Darwen have now been trained to deliver the Incredible Years toddler groups. Practitioners in Devon will complete this training in mid October.

The new team of data collectors in Devon will also receive their training mid October.

In other exciting news, Tracey Bywater, Principal Investigator of the Trial, has recently attended the Incredible Years European Network event. It was a very successful event with people from various countries across Europe in attendance.

September 2016

Time 3 research visits with parents living in Blackburn with Darwen are currently underway with data collection due to be completed in this site by the 14th October 2016.
Parents living in North Devon and Exeter will be contacted by the research team from the beginning of November, with visits being conducted until the end of December 2016.

August 2016

A newly released documentary called the The Divide was inspired by The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone – co-authored by Professor Kate Picket who is a member of the E-SEE Trial Management Group. Directed by Katherine Round, The Divide tells the story of seven individuals striving for a better life in modern day USA and UK – where the top 0.1% owns as much as the bottom 90%. You can find out more about the documentary and scheduled screenings at the film’s website.

July 2016

We are currently looking for new health visiting and children’s centre partners to form trial sites in the next phase of E-SEE. If you would like to find out more please contact Sarah Blower (York Trial Manager) vis email:

We’d like to give a warm welcome the new members of our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) in Devon. We’re looking forward to working with you!
If you think you might be interested in joining our PAC please visit out information page.

June 2016

All of our first follow-up visits are now complete. Well done to everyone involved!

May 2016

Our first follow-up visits with families are almost complete and the first Incredible Years baby group s are up and running!

April 2016

The window for completing applications to take part in E-SEE has now closed.

Members of the research team have been busy raising awareness of E-SEE at various events over the last couple of months:

  • Tracey Bywater attended the North of England Health Visitor Research Network meeting in Barnsley
  • Vashti Berry presented on E-SEE to the Clinical and Infant Mental Health Working Group in Devon
  • Sarah Blower gave an overview of E-SEE at a workshop and book launch on child wellbeing hosted by the University of York.

March 2016

We are still looking for parents in Exeter, and the Barnstaple, and Bideford areas of Devon to take part in our E-SEE study. If you’d like to be involved, find out more here. Recruitment closes 22 April 2016.

February 2016

Recruitment in the Blackburn and Darwen area has now closed.

January 2016

We are looking for parents in Exeter, and the Barnstaple, and Bideford areas of Devon to take part in our E-SEE study. Find out how you can take part here.

December 2015

We are looking for parents in the Blackburn and Darwen area to take part in our E-SEE study. Find out how you can take part here.

November 2015

We hosted a free E-SEE family tea party in Blackburn on 10 November. Find out more here.

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