Become a member of our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Indian family.Do you want to be involved in the E-SEE study but do not think you will have the time to commit to taking part as a research participant? Why not become part of our parent advisory committee (PAC) by taking part in the PAC?

The E-SEE PAC is made up of five parents from your area who will support the research team at the University of York by providing real-world parent perspectives that make our research accessible to other parents like you.

You will benefit from shopping vouchers and travel expenses, and be able to add new skills to your CV. In addition you will be part of an exciting new study which may benefit families and children living in your local community.

Seven Reasons to join the PAC

  1. Add new skills to your CV
  2. Meet new people and other parents
  3. Get involved in a research project that will help your local community
  4. Help other families and children
  5. We will give you shopping vouchers as a thank you
  6. We will pay your travel and expenses
  7. Flexible hours

Recruiting in North Yorkshire, Portsmouth and Suffolk

We are currently looking for parents of children under the age of 3 years living in North Yorkshire, Portsmouth and Suffolk to join our PAC. If you are interested in taking part or would like to know more please download the PAC information sheet to find out what you will be doing if you decide to join. If the PAC sounds like something you want to take part in please download the PAC application form and return it to A member of the team will contact you within five working days of us receiving your form.

Current Members

Meet the current PAC members on our E-SEE Team page or click here.