What are the advantages and risks of taking part?

All families who take part in our study are hugely important to us and we are very grateful for their help. As a thank-you for completing questionnaires regardless if you received the Incredible Years services or regular services, each family will be offered vouchers to spend in high-street shops:

  • £10 voucher when you complete the first set of questionnaires
  • £15 at the second visit
  • £20 at the third visit and
  • £25 at the fourth and final visit

At the end of the study, all families will receive a DVD of the short video recordings we made of them and their baby at each visits.

Through taking part in the E-SEE study you may also learn new skills or information, which could in turn improve the future health and wellbeing of your child. This research may also help to improve family and children’s services for other families like yours both in your area and across the country e.g. the Incredible Years programmes will be available more widely if shown to be effective. You will also have access to a summary report of the study’s findings.

We do not believe that there are any risks to you or your family by taking part in this research.