What if I agree to take part and then change my mind?

You can withdraw from some or all of the study at any time, without giving a reason. Withdrawing from the study will not affect your use of other local services. Parents who receive an Incredible Years programme can solely withdraw from the IY programme, which does not mean they have to withdraw from the trial if they are still willing to complete questionnaires at each time-point. If at any point you do decide to withdraw from the study please contact Nicole Gridley or Sarah Blower using the contact details in the contact us section.  The researcher will ask whether you would like to withdraw from the whole study or just part of it (i.e. just from the Incredible Years programme or the home visits), and whether you are happy for us to retain the information about you we have already collected. We may not be able to destroy information that has already been included in the analysis, or is stored in archived database back-ups.