What kind of information will you be collecting about me and my baby?

The video recording and questionnaires you complete at each visit will tell us about your child’s health and development, your relationship with your baby, and your own well-being.
We also seek your permission to see parts of your’s and your child’s medical records held by NHS Digital to look in a bit more detail at any benefits for health and wellbeing by participating in this trial. We will be looking at number of times you or your child have required access to services rather than the reasons why services were accessed. NHS Digital keeps records of the health services all of us receive including attendance and admissions to hospital. This information can only be accessed with your permission using your name, postcode, date of birth, NHS number and those of your baby. We would like to be able to look at the records relating to you and your child, but if you don’t agree you can still take part in the study.
If you do give permission we will be able to build a much more complete picture of you and your baby’s health. You do not have to do anything other than give consent – we will do the rest. We are also asking for your permission to access these medical records again in the future. The reason we would like to look at these records is because it will tell us about whether there are any longer-term benefits to health and quality of life.