What will happen if I am in the group of families that are offered the Incredible Years parenting programme?

If you are in the group that is offered Incredible Years you will receive a copy of the Incredible Babies Book: A Guide and Journal of your Baby’s First Year. This book was written to help parents understand a baby’s physical, social, emotional and language development.

Depending on your circumstances and the number of interested families in your area you may also be offered a place in one or both of the following parenting support groups:

The Incredible Parents and Babies programme: this is run by two trained facilitators in a local venue for two hours a week for 10 weeks with small groups of parents and their babies. It includes training in how to make babies feel secure, and understand physical and language development.

The Incredible Parents and Toddlers programme: this follows a similar format, but is for parents of children aged approximately 1-2 years, and is for two hours a week over 12 weeks. It includes training on encouraging toddlers’ language, social, and emotional development. A crèche may be provided for this programme.

If you attend one or more of these group programmes you may also be invited to attend an additional session at the end of the study to help us with our evaluation of the Incredible Years programme. This will last no more than two hours and will involve talking with other parents in a small group, or individually with a researcher. In particular, we would like you to discuss if the programme was useful, the methods used to involve fathers and other co-parents, and your experience of being part of the Incredible Years parenting sessions. This additional session is voluntary and your involvement in the programme will not be affected in any way if you decide not to accept the invitation. If you do take part, the discussion will be audio recorded but anything that you say will be made anonymous so you will not be identified and the recordings will be destroyed at the end of the study period. For your participation you will receive travel, refreshments and a small gift.